Goldie’s 2009 Litter

About Our June 2009 Pups

These are second generation cockapoos. The mother is third generation, and the father first generation.

The pups come papered and fully immunized. They are available to go home to their new families eight weeks after birth. If they must be shipped out of state, they must be over 10 weeks old. We do not dock the tails of our pups – a dog’s tail is used for balance and expresses the dog’s feelings and character. Puppies have a strict diet of Purina Puppy Chow and lots of fresh water. In our opinion, Purina is by far the best way to get a pup started with good nutrition. We ask that new owners of our pups carry out this feeding regime for a minimum of one year.


We’ve always assigned names to the dogs. With four children in the house, this is inevitable…besides, we couldn’t bear to call them “Whelp #1”, “Whelp #2”, and so on. Suffice to say that with new homes (sometimes) come new names!


The puppies are fed on a strict diet of Iams or Purina Puppy Chow and lots of fresh water. Keeping puppies on puppy chow is the best way to establish good nutrition. We recommend you keep them on this feeding regime until they are one year old.

Baby Ruth!

This sweet little girl’s markings are known as “blue merle”.  She is now the wonderful companion of dear friends – with the added bonus that we get to see her often!


Tender hearted and compliant little man!  Went to the home of two lovely twin girls from Whitefish.  Being hypoallergenic, he was a perfect fit for this particular family.




Pez is VERY smart.  We put all the pups through Stanley Cohen’s Canine Intelligence Test, and Pez maxed out on everything!  Obedience, retrieving, coming when called, potty training.  This puppy never even once had an accident in the house, after arriving at his new home.




Butterscotch is a playful, energetic go-getter. Smart and sassy!  She found a home here in the Flathead Valley – to look at her, she could be Goldie’s twin.




Reeces found a lovely home in Great Falls, as the pet a darling young girl.  She has the same golden temperament as her mother – very sweet, quiet, compliant.

Reeces has found a happy home!


This little gentleman is mainly black with a bit of white on chin and chest and brown on legs and tummy. And, oh yes, he has brown eye brows. He is almost a twin to Diamond. He is a rolly-polly with spunk.

This puppy has found a happy home!

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